Portable Storage Bag for JJRC X5 RC Drone Quadcopter
Portable Storage Bag for JJRC X5 RC Drone Quadcopter
Portable Storage Bag for JJRC X5 RC Drone Quadcopter
Portable Storage Bag for JJRC X5 RC Drone Quadcopter

Portable Storage Bag for JJRC X5 RC Drone Quadcopter

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Main Features:
New upgrade night flight searchlight
Equipped with bright LED lights to illuminate the road ahead for your drone.

Small size, mini body
Only palm-sized, easy to store and carry

Electronic fence function
Equipped with electronic virtual fence technology, after reaching the limited distance, it will start to limit the flight. Novices practice an artifact

Intelligent return home, guarantee flight
We apply GPS satellite positioning and return home technology to the aircraft, allowing you to experience automatic intelligent operation anytime and anywhere, automatically launching satellite signals, and easily achieve out-of-control return home, low-power return home, and over-distance return home, making the flight more secure

Equipped with 4K controllable ESC camera, 120° wide-angle HD aerial photography
Equipped with an ESC 4K high-definition camera to improve shooting quality, support remote 90° control, 4K high-definition pixel still photo resolution, and 120° wide-angle shooting range.

90° adjustment ESC camera
Smart follow
In GPS positioning mode, control the aircraft to fly at a distance of 5 meters from the controller, and turn on the following function. The aircraft can automatically follow the controller's movement and take pictures without other operations. It is simple, intelligent and user-friendly.

Gesture recognition shooting
Advanced intelligent recognition technology, during the flight, by making corresponding gestures to the aircraft, the aircraft will automatically take pictures/video 3 seconds after the gesture is recognized, which is more convenient and interesting

Route planning, intelligent flight
Turn on the GPS custom waypoint flight function, point out the flight waypoint you want on the real-time map of the mobile APP, and the aircraft can fly according to the waypoint you specify

Surround shooting
Take the remote control as the center to carry out a 360° surround loop flight, and also enable the high-definition aerial photography function at the same time, and shoot handsome videos with a different flying perspective

3000m remote control distance
Fly far, fast, low speed is suitable for indoor flight, medium and high speed is suitable for outdoor or windy environment

Modular lithium battery
Long battery life and easy replacement
Lightweight and small body, strong battery life. A single battery can bring 30 minutes of flight time, which is longer than most consumer drones of the same type. Flying is more comfortable, shooting more calmly.

Streamlined body design, faster and more stable
Two speeds can be adjusted freely

One-key takeoff/landing
One-key takeoff/landing via remote control, no need for tedious operation, easy control

Positioning return
Built-in return-to-home system, the aircraft can be recalled easily with one button via the remote control

Headless mode
Control the flight with the direction of the remote controller as the center, no longer get lost easily

Support mobile phone control
Comes with WiFi system, 0 traffic and 0 cost

Material: High Toughness and Explosion-Proof ABS, Electronic Components
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 2000MAH Lipo (Included)
Flying Time: About 30mins
Charging Time: About 90mins
Remote Control Mode: Handle / Mobile Phone Control
Remote Control Battery: 3 x AA battery (not included)
Remote Control distance: About 500M
FPV: 5G WiFi
Camera: 4K ESC 120° Wide Angle
Positioning System: GPS + Optical Flow Positioning
Quadcopter Expand Size: 24 x 24 x 5.5cm
Quadcopter Folded Size: 9 x 12 x 5.5cm

GPS Positioning, Searchlight Switch, Speed ​​Adjustment, Photo Recording, One-Key Calibration, Indoor Mode, Electric Camera Adjustment, One-Key Return Home, One Key Takeoff, One Key Descent, Emergency Stop, Headless Flight, Smart Follow, Gesture and Surround Shooting.