Fitness and Fashion – How Yoga Pants and Leggings Are Now Mainstream

Millennials are always on the go. Whether they’re rushing from the office to the gym or from college to a nearby coffee shop with their friends, millennials are living hectic lives. 

That’s why it only makes sense that what they wear is comfortable yet trendy. And when we speak of comfy and stylish attire, athleisure is the first thing that comes to our mind. 

Athleisure 101 

Athleisure is all the hype right now; it is the perfect combination of chic yet comfy. Yoga pants and leggings aren't just restricted to workout attire any longer. They have essentially replaced jeans and are going to be the future of fashion. This is why many brands have endlessly worked on designs and prints for pants and leggings, making them all the more fashionable. You can now roam about your day in style while being your most comfortable, it cannot get better than that!

Increasing popularity of fitness 

It can also be argued that this trend may have emerged due to the increasing awareness of  fitness. Fitness has now become a norm and almost everyone is incorporating some form of physical workout into their daily lives, whether that involves going to the gym or going for a yoga class or even a simple run. 

Because fitness has now become such a huge part of our everyday lives, it only made sense to make it fashionable. Seriously, that's the best thing to have happened to the fashion world. Imagine lounging around in yoga pants and calling it fashion! They are now mainstream and you'll find people all over the world proudly wearing them, from celebrities to influencers and your everyday woman.

The way that they are styled is also hip and trendy. For instance plain tightly-fitted leggings can be paired with a colorful sports bra. The number of styles and designs that have emerged in yoga pants and leggings over recent years is mindblowing. From fun and edgy designs to more classy ones, there’s some for everyone so you can take your pick! Pair them with a fleece jacket and you’re good to go. 

Another reason for the increasing popularity of yoga pants and leggings, other than the fact that they are extremely comfortable, is the fact that they also flatter your body. This is because of the compression feature in most leggings that automatically makes your legs look good. They are also made of stretchable materials that are breathable and normally have a 4-way stretch that allows for free movement and maximize your comfort. To add to that, they are lightweight so you don’t feel bulky the way that you would with jeans. They perfectly fit the curves of your body and enhance them. The materials used are soft and melt into your skin and once you get into them, it can be very hard getting out of them, which is precisely why we continue wearing them throughout the day. 

If you haven’t bought yours already, what are you waiting for? We guarantee you that they’ll transform your life and you won’t want to wear anything else once you put them on.