About Us

After 10 years of golfing and trying so many different products I wanted to make it easier for other golfers to find some of the best products out there.  

What I wanted was the ability to enjoy my golf game, finish the 18th hole and head to the bar still looking good.  Golf is a social event.  You see plenty of golfers on the course and even more hanging out afterwards.  Why not look your best?  I created Bailees to accommodate the design feature I wanted along with the flexible movement needed for golfing. 

As fashion lovers we struggled to find golf and fitness apparel that was stylish, comfy and sport appropriate.  

Ladies, how great would it be to be able to go from the gym, pick up the kids from soccer and stop at the grocery store and feel that your casual attire was comfy and fashionable. 

The LB Jessica line was created out of the need to be a mom and a lady at the same time.  I didn't want to be so casual that fashion and style was non existent.  

Everyday no matter what your are doing....look your best!