BRIDGESTONE (Bridgestone) Golf Ball TOURSTAGE Extra Distance 1 dozen (12 pieces) White TEWX

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Country of Origin: Taiwan;Number of dimples: 372;Number: 1,2,3,4;Cover: Heavy duty ionomer cover;Core: High initial velocity gradational core;Structure: 2 pieces;Middle Road;Ball type: Distance Please note that some of the models are made exclusively for Japanese market, hence the specifications and interface language is all in Japanese and cannot be changed to a different language. Also the voltage is adopted for Japanese standard ~ 100V ## About us want.ip Inc (a group company of Yahoo Japan), the leading cross-border e-retailer of all kinds of Japan products. We source all the products from official distributors or manufactures] ## Overseas Shipping Information As this is an overseas delivery product, it may take up to 2~5 business days to ship out. However, there may be a slight delay depending on the local delivery status and customs procedures. ## Warranty Since this product is manufactured for Japanese market, warranty is not supported in your country. ## Voltage For electronic equipment, it is recommended to use a transformer just in case. This is because electronic equipment for Japan is designed to be used at 100V. (Some products are globally compatible.)
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Dimple Count: 372
  • Number:1,2,3,4
  • Cover: Heavy Duty Ionomer Cover
  • Core: High-speed Gradient Core; Structure: 2 pieces; Medium Ballistic; Ball Type: Distance


Brand: Bridgestone


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