Bridgestone e12 CONTACT Golf Balls w/ Contact Force Dimples, White, 12 Pack

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Improve your performance on the greens by using Bridgestone e12 CONTACT Series Golf Balls, and ensure yourself straight distance you can see. This 12 pack of professional-grade golf balls is structured with a contact force dimple, which features a unique raised area in the center of the ball that slows horizontal rotation during flight. This traditional dimple allows for 38 percent more surface contact between the golf ball and the clubface, yielding a much more efficient transfer of energy and improved core activation. The unique cover allows for each shot's uniqueness and results in faster speeds and straighter distances with every club in your golf bag. Whether your playing with your powerful driver, your short irons, wedges, or putter, these balls will have you playing like the pros. Enjoy the golf game, spend time on the greens, and see your improvements in clear sight with the e12 CONTACT Series Golf Balls from Bridgestone.
  • 12 pack of professional golf balls with the Reactive urethane cover, which stretches the boundaries of the ball's potential
  • CONTACT force dimple allows 38 percent more surface contact between the ball and the clubface with efficient energy
  • Additional surface creates more friction for more spin at the slower speeds when using wedges
  • Unique cover of the ball allows for the ball to react to the uniqueness of each golf club shot
  • Results in faster ball speed and a longer, straighter distance with every club in the bag
  • Consistent and less curve flight and performance are a result of the proprietary seamless cover technology
  • Color: White


Brand: Bridgestone Golf
Assembled Product Weight: 1.4 lb
Manufacturer Part Number: 1CWX6D


Warranty information: N/A