OnCore Vero X2 Golf Balls
OnCore Vero X2 Golf Balls
OnCore Vero X2 Golf Balls

OnCore Vero X2 Golf Balls

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Disruptive technology engineered to outperform.

Using the same unique core-mantle-cover integration as our award-winning VERO X1, the all-new VERO X2 delivers the same distance-enhancing low driver spin and wind-penetrating trajectory for greater distance and pinpoint accuracy on tee shots. Designed for players with high swing speeds, its four-piece, 95-compression construction delivers optimized spin and accuracy with irons and supreme stopping power on greens with wedge shots. It features a high modulus, metal-infused mantle connected to a thin, cast urethane cover by a nano-engineered transition layer. Proprietary perimeter-weighting significantly reduces sidespin and bores through headwinds and crosswinds.

Golf Ball Design

  • 4-piece design
  • Cast Urethane premium cover for an optimal feel
  • Perimeter Weighted Technology
  • 95 Compression
  • Firm Feel
  • Golf Ball Profile

  • Golfers: Built for advanced to tour level players
  • Swing Speed Profile: 110mph+
  • Driver: Low spin for straighter tee shots
  • Wedge: High spin for superior green side control
  • Shot Trajectory: High trajectory shots maximize distance along with exceptional performance and accuracy in windy conditions, with driver and irons, due to our proprietary perimeter weighting