Saintnine U-Pro Tour Golf Balls
Saintnine U-Pro Tour Golf Balls

Saintnine U-Pro Tour Golf Balls

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U-Pro Tour With Alignment


The Saintnine U-Pro Tour is designed to provide golfers with exceptional distance, alongside an added level of comfort and feel. The mid-to-high trajectory ball flight keeps players in control of their shots without sacrificing distance.

These premium balls include a Saintnine Mental Mate animal logo. The Mental Mates is designed to provide you with a better state of mind, which will help you improve your game!

  • Designed for mid to low handicap golfers that are looking for a bit more control and feel out of their game
  • 2-Piece Urethane cover
  • Premium Urethane cover provides an additional feel on and around the green
  • Constructed to maintain maximum distance to spin ratio with an additional level of control and feel
  • Next-Gen core with high energy performance
  • 322 Dimple construction
  • 3-Piece construction
  • NEW alignment feature