Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls 1-Dozen Red

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Elevate your golf game with the Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls, meticulously designed for golfers with swing speeds between 70-90 mph. These 2-piece golf balls are engineered to provide explosive ball speed, ensuring that every drive, chip, and putt counts. The oversized power core is the secret behind the explosive speed, while also contributing to reduced spin rates and a mid-high launch angle, resulting in outstanding driver performance.

Available in five glossy color options, Red, White, Green, Orange, and Yellow. These golf balls offer excellent visibility on the course, ensuring that you never lose sight of your ball. Whether you choose the vibrant red, the bright yellow, or any of the other available colors, you're sure to stand out on the golf course.

The super soft ionomer cover of the Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls guarantees exceptional greenside control, allowing you to approach the green with confidence and precision. The patented dimple design by Volvik ensures optimal ball flight and stability, enhancing your overall golfing experience and keeping your ball on the right path.

Designed for recreational practice, these golf balls offer a mid-soft feel, with a 70 compression rating, ensuring that they feel just as good as they perform. The 2-piece construction and soft ionomer cover contribute to the golf balls' performance and feel, making them a favorite among golfers.

In summary, the Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls are a perfect blend of speed, control, and visibility, designed to enhance your performance on the golf course. With their explosive speed, exceptional greenside control, and vibrant colors, they are sure to elevate your game to new heights. Don't settle for less, choose Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls and experience the difference today!

  • Unleash Explosive Speed: Elevate your golf game with the Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls, meticulously engineered for swing speeds between 70-90 mph. Experience unparalleled distance and precision with every hit, thanks to the 2-piece construction and explosive ball speed.
  • Master Your Greenside Control: Achieve professional-level precision and control with the super soft Ionomer cover, designed to provide exceptional greenside control. Approach every shot with confidence and play at the top of your game.
  • Vibrant Visibility: Stand out on the course with five glossy color options – Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and White. Enjoy enhanced visibility and never lose sight of your ball again, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable golfing experience.
  • Stable and True Flight: Trust in the advanced technology of Volvik’s patented dimple design, crafted to deliver optimal ball flight and stability. Experience a consistent and true flight, shot after shot, and play with the confidence of a pro.
  • Soft Feel, Impressive Results: Don’t compromise on feel for performance. With a compression rating of 70 and a mid-soft feel, the Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls deliver impressive results while providing a comfortable and responsive feel, perfect for recreational practice and serious play.


Brand: Volvik
Manufacturer Part Number: 9595


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